On the southwest corner of Columbia and Sacket Streets is the ART LOT.

Two art benefactors, Jim and Bobbi Vaughan, own the lot, and in the 1990s turned it into a space for public display of sculpture.  Ursula Clark first ran it; after several years, Florence Neal took over as curator and in 2003 I took over the reins. The Vaughans continue to offer the space and their generous support for the shows.

When I began working with the Lot, I decided to set up a year round program with three shows in a row, spring, summer and Fall/late Winter.

Working with Brooklyn Arts Council, I received grant funding for the first seven years to help artists with the cost of fabrication, delivery and installation of large projects. The space is 78 feet along the Sacket Street side and almost 17 feet wide on the Columbia Street side. Being on a corner provides great visibility from the street as there is only a chain link fence enclosing the space. The ground is covered in gravel and the adjacent buildings have stucco walls that create a unique space, part white box and part outdoors.

Over the past eight years, I have curated 24 shows. Some have been solos and there have been a variety of 2,3, 4 and 5 person exhibitions and larger. In total 54 artists have shown at the ART LOT

—Jim Osman, curator

The ART LOT is located at 206 Columbia Street at the corner of Sackett Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The exhibitions are on view 24/7. For further information, contact curator Jim Osman at cohnosman@earthlink.net.